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Veikkaus X is a modern-day digital media magazine, with worldwide – sometimes interplanetary – references and aspirations. We take the reader on a journey across the globe, into space and time, and delve back into the atoms and quarks that foster everyday life.

Following the fusion of the three national gambling houses (Veikkaus, RAY, Fintoto) into one company, the concept and content team behind RAY’s award-winning Raymond Magazine initiated and carried out the launch of a successor media with a new name, look and feel and a wide-ranging stance.

The strategic aim of the magazine is to strengthen the Veikkaus brand by giving it a freeform voice and a kaleidoscopic lens. Yes, it's about gaming, through all interpretations of the word. X offers experimental and thought-provoking high-quality entertainment – moreover it brings traffic and conversion. Building brand loyalty is key. And, we have set the bar high. Being great in Finland is obviously far from enough – we want to be great everywhere.

Veikkaus is a gaming company owned entirely by the Finnish State, with a special mission. It generates over one billion euros a year for the common good and the revenue is used for the benefit of Finnish society in its entirety. Our gaming service is Finland's largest webstore.

Let’s Get Quirky


With increasing international competition in the betting industry, there’s a clear need for Veikkaus, the sole betting agency in Finland, to set its brand apart on a world-class level – thus building awareness and fostering deeper loyalty among its target audiences. The X content outshines its international competitors and thus brings a competitive advantage in the open online gaming market.

Launched in the February of 2018, X functions as a brand-building, independent media outlet for Veikkaus, giving the company a distinctive voice that’s never corporate and never boring. The most critical target group is Finnish young adults between 18 and 34, the source of over half of our readers. Eight out of ten of the most clicked posts of all Veikkaus Facebook pages are from X.

X stories span all of Veikkaus’ areas of interest and influence in the national as well as international sports, betting and gaming worlds as well as culture, science and society – areas in which Finns benefit from every year by just under a billion euros, all thanks to Veikkaus games. The content is entertaining and informative, sometimes even off-the-wall. But it always has that X factor that keeps things resoundingly quirky. In a nutshell: X adds a new voice to the Veikkaus brand.

The X Factor

Creative approach

What sets X apart from the rest? Well, the approach to start with. With a Joycean slant, a second can be lifetime and a century a mere flash. It’s all about dynamic range and contrast vis-à-vis both semantics and semiotics. Topics range from the microscopic and mundane to the celestial and otherworldly.

X aims for structural diversity and a harmonic sweet spot, a controlled montage, while always avoiding crossing the line into chaos and noise. Copy, visuals and structure are one. The base of all this is a rigid conceptual platform, on which functional parameters such as structure, geometrics, typography, syntax and tone of voice are clearly defined – a foundation on top of which creative freedom is limitless. The X logo itself is a carefully crafted old school California-style emblem in the spirit of Jim Parkinson. The overall design is a cross breed of Scandinavian clarity and Swiss logic with a touch of Americana.

Detail: The logo

The X-magazine logo, created by graphic designer Teemu Väätäinen and art director Jesper Vuori, is a fusion between classic Americana, Nordic clarity and digital design. The variations cover all colours, as well as dark background versions and animations.

Go See for Yourself


We focus on articles, on the basic elements and structure of content, and all its possible functionalities. We constantly look at the big picture, but without skipping the details. We believe that the user interface should disappear and give the audience a full immersive experience. If technical solutions work to enhance the immersion, we embrace them. Nothing superfluous is added, nothing essential taken away. Whether we produce long read feature articles or shorter material, we must keep the reader captivated through the experience.

Our main tools are a) first-class, well-crafted, sharp copy; b) breath-taking visualisations; c) functional design. The design superstructure itself is a catalyst for the creative content it carries.

But talk is cheap, so please go and visit the site and scrutinise it without prejudice. In less than a year, we have produced 71 long-form articles that will knock your socks off. Pour yourself a glass of wine, or a cup of coffee, and experience the content on both mobile and tablet as well as on your desktop computer.

And Hey, It Works

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